Antidepressants without a prescription

Antidepressants without a prescription

According to recent studies by the National Institute of Mental health, an estimated 16 million Americans are suffering from depression.

The term depression is universal, but it is used too broadly to describe a variety of mental health complications, from plain sadness to postpartum and bipolar disorders.

“Depression” or as it is also known – Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), is the most common mental health diagnosis around the Globe. People suffering from depression describe diverse and sometimes drastically different symptoms.

Those could be: despair, hopelessness, lack of energy, restlessness and sleep disorders, relentless anxiety and suicidal tendencies.

The reality is that depression treatment requires a combined approach and consists of several essential elements, besides psychotherapy, prescription medication or change of the lifestyle of a patient. According to recent statistical trend in the USA, there is only one qualified therapist per nearly 50 patients. Such ratio is plainly insufficient, and the lack of available doctors often leads to incorrect use of prescription medication.

Two out of three patients with depression regularly take antidepressant medication, but only half of them get timely prescription advice. The actual procedure of obtaining a prescription, starting with initial therapist consultation to the correct diagnosis, is generally lengthy and tedious.

Antidepressants without a prescription

As a consequence, a vast number of people suffering from depression seek to purchase antidepressants without a prescription, which is legally impossible.

Some forms of antidepressants may be purchased online, and do not require any paperwork. But such pharmaceuticals are not listed as prescriptions and are most likely inferior.

Why is it a bad idea to take antidepressants without a valid prescription?

  • A prescription for antidepressants contains complete information regarding dosage and duration of treatment;
  • The patient’s medical history grants the therapist a much clearer understanding of the goals of treatment when issuing a prescription:
  • A patient is thoroughly examined prior, and therefore the treatment course is chosen individually.

A prescription is strictly required to buy any of the following:

  • Cymbalta, Lexapro, Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa, Prozac.

If a patient is unable to book an appointment with a mental health practitioner locally, an online consultation with a licensed psychotherapist may become an alternative solution. A prescription may be processed electronically in such a case.

Some may think that obtaining a prescription is redundant and a waste of time. And it does ring bells considering costs of a licensed therapeutic session. But it is there for our own safety.

Prescription antidepressants are effective only when taken based on the correct dosage and schedule. The medical professional issuing prescription bears responsibility for patient’s well-being and is knowledgeable of possible side effects.

Without the appropriate evaluation of the patient’s condition, there are great risks. Lack of knowledge and misinformed decisions may lead to a sudden emergency.

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